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#000.1 g no arashi guide (eps 51\51)

I've started to watch G no Arashi from the very beginning and decided that it'd be useful if I make some kind of short summaries on each episode. I believe it can be helpful for fanvideo makers or just folks who want to watch some particular episodes. So, yoroshiku :D
Thanks a lot for subbed episodes taijiprojectsub !
Attention: I beg your pardon beforehand, because English is not my native language and sometimes I can sound lame (though I study it in uni I'm not perfect in it) but I tried so hard to write all of this :'D Yoroshiku ne!

So, 'G' in the title is for 'gambarimasu' that means 'hold on!', 'keep going!' and so on, because the show's aim was to help different people in different ways.

ep #01 (Nino&Ohno) 2005.10.05
The debut episode.
Guys helped a guy truly bad at singing to overcome himself. They introduced him and several not-able-to-sing-collegues to a good teacher who spent about 2 hours teaching them how to sing. Ohmiya were there as well x3
After that they came to the even for ones who couldn't sing where that men sang their songs. One guy sang a song which Nino made a cover of, but I don't remember the title >_< 
Not an interesting ep, but Ohmiya is <3
ep 1

ep #02 (Sho&Aiba) 2005.10.12
They're helping a boxer who lost his 6 matches out of 6. They invited a good couch who trained the boxer for a while. Here we can see Aiba boxing and boxing good enough! Sho was watching him with his mouth open :3
Aiba-chan always made spot of the boxer who was called Tsuyoshi (strong xD) and every time he repeated that even he was able to hit him <3 Cute.
Not very interesting, but still <3
the result wasn't clear because the last match of that boxer was at 30th Oct, so the show promised to watch
ep 2
matsumiya bonus xD

ep #03 (Jun&Nino) 2005.10.19
This time they tried to help an Akiba-kei guy (I got it that he's kind of an otaku) to confess the woman he liked for 12 years. He lived in a dreadfully messed tiny room with little figurines of girls in short skirts all around. The man wrote a song for the woman he liked and sang it. Before singing Ninomiya asked if it was okay for him to laugh and the man was okay. So while the man was singing, Ninomiya was sitting with his face buried in his hands and tried not to giggle xD You brat xD So, they dressed the man in nice cloths, taught him sweet words (with help of Speedwagon - comic duo) and the man confessed his woman on the roof where the main character of Densha Otoko confessed his woman (all was like in that drama, you know). And she refused. She said they had been friends for too long and she couldn't see the guy as her boyfriend. Guys were upset but they cheered him in the usual way.
Brat x3
ep 3

ep #04 (Ohno&Sho) 2005.10.26
The first really funny episode to my mind xD There you can find that epic Sho in curly wig and Ohno trying to commit suicide. Guys helped a guy who was a looser-actor. But first of all, when they were choosing Aiba-chan introduced himself, because he wanted to do A no Arashi again and asked it in the video <3 So sweet <3 and so cruel guys didn't allow him xD at least in that episode >:3
So, Yama-pair helped the looser-actor who has been playing for 20 years as a back actor. Always. So he wanted to quit and to find a real job.
Guys invited fabulous Yukihiko Tsutsumi (the director of Pikanchies and Stand up! drama) and altogether they made a film where the actor for the first time had the lead. So, Ohno was a high school student who failed at the exams and who wanted to kill himself, Sho was his mom (that a manly mommy I should say xD). The film was funny, thanks to O-chan and Sho of course, because the actor was really a true fail.
ep 4

ep #05 (Aiba&Nino) 2005.11.02
A very fun one! :D Guys went to Kobe to help a man in whose words nobody believed. The man said he could communicate with the aliens, see them and all the crap. But before that, when guys were choosing who they'd support, we can found out what Ohno is 'the biggest clean freak' (c) For example, he'd never drink someone's else juice, but his room is total mess x'D When Aiba-chan introduced his video, he said: 'Shinjite morainai otoko' (A man nobody believes to (c)) And Sho claimed: 'Omae jyan!' (That's you!) x'D Lolled.
So the guys chose that man and no one wanted to go, so they forced Nino xD
In Kobe Nino acted like a real brat and didn't want to believe in all the staff the man was talking about. They gathered a lot of people from the man's work and his comrades who helped the man to call the aliens. So, I won't write the result :3 But the ep was really funny :D
ep 5

ep #06 (All, minor sports) 2005.11.09
A fun one! All the group was included, because the guys helped minor sports as kabadi and omnikin boru! It was the second request of omnikin boru team so Arashi couldn't help trying both sports x'D Kabadi was the game in which Matsujun had played before, and it was quiet scary o_O There's not a lot to say, because you should watch the episode yourself 8D Omnikin boru turned out to be a quiet interesting game! Hurry to watch Arashi playing it and kabadi where Ohno is grabbed twice in a firm manner you-know-where x'D
Priceless facial expression <3
ep 6
+facial expression bonus
+sakuraiba bonus
+aibaka bonus xD

ep #07 (Jun&Aiba) 2005.11.16
A fun one too! There was a guy who asked for Arashi's help and his name was... Matsumoto Jun! Even the same characters he has (kanji I mean) x'D But his problem was that he was as much unattractive as Jun is attractive x'D Not idol-like MatsuJun at all x'D But nevertheless, guys preferred to help a tiny girl who was about 147 (!) cm high. They invited 7 more tiny girls about this high and Jun and Aiba looked totally huge next to these tiny girls xD They tried their best to make they dreams come true (like playing basketball) and so on. It was quiet fun :D The episode is worth watching :D I was amazed by these tiny girls o_o they are really tiny x3
ep 7

ep #08 (Nino&Aiba) 2005.11.23
The second part about people who are 'able' to call aliens x3 (the first part was the ep#5) Nino being brat and Aiba as well xD Not too interesting. They invited 3 different aliens 'specialists' and organized a competition between them "who will be able to call aliens within 30 minutes". what was the result - watch yourself, please :>
Oh! the main interesting moment (for me) I think was in the beginning, when Sho was reading the letter of a man he wanted to support. His name was.... Ohno Satoshi xD The man complained that because of our Ohno people around him make fun of him, saying: 'oh, you have a sleepy look today', 'you're aimless' or smth else xD That Ohno Satoshi asked for the Arashi's one to pick up a better way of living and change his style of life for the people around him stopped making fun of him x'D
so, enjoy Nino's facepalm xD
ep 8
+being a brat!bonus :3.

ep #09 (Ohno&Jun) 2005.11.30
Funny! Here it goes for the first time: a request to support the air guitar x'D But, unfortunately, our guys refused and helped to confess a 16-year-old cosplayer to a 30-year-old man of her dream :) I watched this ep long time ago, so I didn't re-watch the whole episode, but I still remember it's quiet sweet :> here we can find Ohno cosplaying and Doumyoji&Makino sketch starring Jun Matsumoto and Ohno Satoshi x'D (Juntoshi fans say YAY! xD)
ep 9
+ohno!cosplay bonus1
+ohno!cosplay bonus2

ep #10 (All, minor sports) 2005.12.07
Minor sports part two! This time guys supported speedball the most part of the episode. A lot of baka Aiba, Ohmiya playing together and Minor Bancho (bancho=leader, particular in a juvenal gang or group of young punk types (c)) aka MatsuJun who missed balls as well xD The episode was really fun to watch <3 Finally, we discover what happened with Tsuyoshi-kun (ep 2) He.... won his match <3. Arashi was at Yokohama arena at that time and even called him to find out the result *o* So sweet, and all these Tsuyoshi-kun and Arashi's 'yokatta', it really looked as they really helped him. I was very happy to know that <3
also, in the final part of the episode guys played paintball, which is minor sport in Japan (I think it isn't a minor sport anymore)). Well, there's not a lot to tell about the game, because the game lasted for... 2 minutes xD Just try to guess, who it was x'D
My favorite team ever, and the score doesn't matter <3
ep 10
+Nino being... honest xD (read the subs))
+team bonus <3
+Sho's hit butt!bonus

ep #11 (All, A no Arashi!) 2005.12.14
Yay! A no arashi is back! Aiba seems to try so hard to beg the stuff to continue doing experiments xD Well, here they go:
1) How far away can you see with a telescope lens? (together with Sho, in Tokyo) Quite interesting, you know! With interesting results and Sho dancing at the observing platform of Tokyo tower xD
2) Can we take a group photograph using a photo booth? Simple and short with Aiba's butt xD (With Sho, outside the studio)
Come back to the studio and see Brus Lee! Riida :3
3) If you eat wasabi while holding your nose, will it stop to burn? Useless one with Nino being bratty who made Riida eat wasabi, though he hates it x3
4) What happen if you pop a balloon in starch syrup? They also put there a water ball and shaken carbonated drink x) they were just as usual, as kids, making fun of Aiba and enjoying the time <3
5) If a monk sits in seiza (pose) for a long time then tries to run, could he still run fast? The one with Sho and some monk. Sweet Sakuraiba with Sho calling Aiba 'Masaki" and fail!Aiba who run 50 meters in 3 min 13.03 sec after sitting in seiza x3
6) If you melt Sakuma Drops (sweets) inside the tin what flavour would it be? back in the studio with all Arashi. Bratty Nino, baka Aiba and umai-as-always!Riida are here <3
A no Arashi is sweet and funny as always <3
Sho's pretending not being there x'D
+umai!Riida bonus

ep #12 (All, air guitar 1) 2005.12.14
Air guitar!!! YEAH! Who doesn't know about this epic episode?! If you don't, just to know: YOU MUST WATCH IT. That's why there's nothing a lot to say, because you should watch yourself x)
Just in a nutshell: guys finally decided to give a try to the air guitar player who'd applied to them for the 2nd time by that day x) So, they all got acquainted with the air guitar sempai from all over Japan x'D His like-minded people taught Arashi how to be an air-group, they had a fabulous audition for guitarist's place and according to it decided whose place he would take =) Okay, just WATCH <3 It's fabulous <3
+if looks could kill!bonus
+Freddie Mercury!bonus1
+Freddie Mercury!bonus2
+Nino's neck and the leather dog-collar 8D!bonus

ep #13 (All, Aiba sugoroku) 2006.01.04
A meaningless episode, as Sho said x) The first ep for the New (back then) 2006 year, a pajamas-special with Aiba Sugoroku. Do you know what these two words mean 8D?
They mean that Aiba brings a little bit more dorkness in this world :3
A lot of funny Arashi and baka Aiba, who made all the stuff for the game. And his incorrect 'Gool' and 'OtoshiSHIdama', Ohmiya with socks connected on their heads, Aiba-neko, Keio-bot smelling a camera man's shoe that really stinks and so on. The episode was diluted with A no Arashi (the previous one and a little bit more) and some air guitar audition which hadn't been shown in the previous episode. In the end they played Aiba Card Game making fun of Sho and Matsujun. And, finally, batsu-games. Matsujun and Nino playing air guitar and Aiba-chan giving tissues in the street. A sweet ep, must seen.
Gool! <3
ep 13
+Shining Aiba!bonus
+Umai!Ohno bonus
+Socks!Ohno bonus
+Suffering Sho!bonus
+Socks connected Ohmiya!bonus

ep #14 (MatsuJun&Ohno) 2006.01.11
Quite a boring episode about a gang lady who wanted to confess a boy who worked as a host. Real gang ladies (Ohno and Jun was freaked out a bit x'D) and a failed confession. I hardly can remember what interesting was there, except Jun and Riida being hosts for a while :3 Ohno such a stupid host <33
Juntoshi fans may find there something interesting, I believe)
ep 14

ep #15 (All, air guitar 2) 2006.01.18
This part includes Arashi's finding of air performers among celebrities x'D Don't you want Arashi being stalkers forcing you playing some air instruments? >:3
That ep is a fun one, and Arashi in that airband!costumes wandering all around x3 A lot of cels are there, including Degawa Tetsuro, who's quite friend of Arashi (I remember him being a guest on Shukudai-kun, I believe more than once), Yamaguchi Moe, Neko Hiroshi (who had been a guest in the episode with tiny girls) and some others. In this ep guys only found several prospective players, but you can be sure, the show is going on!
ep 15
+The best Freddie Mercury ever!bonus
+Aiba strips Sho-chan!bonus Sakuraiba fans say HELLO

ep #16 (MatsuJun&Aiba) 2006.01.25
A very cute episode in which Jun and Aiba was big bros and went to the kindergarten, where was a boy who loved a girl but hadn't courage to confess. Aaaawww. Jun and Aiba surrounded by littluns of 5-6 years old, talking cute things and acting like adults <3 they helped the boy in a gentle way, and there was a lot of moments to go kyaa~ing about x3 Better watch when blabber all over :3
From this episode Nino started to wear wing, because of his Sukoshi <..> special drama, and from this episode we find out what was Aiba's kindergarten xD
ep 16
+Read the subs. what a lucky girl I should say 8D
+Find Sakuraiba!bonus. (hint: they talked about a crawling girl x3)
+Aiba's kindergarten!bonus
+just read the subs!bonus
+I wanna have a son like this ;u;!bonus

ep #17 (All) 2006.02.01
An episode about men cheerleader band. That was one of the most interesting episode I've seen, since it was all about fun in the beginning, then it turned to be something really exiting. Guys had never supported that kind of activity and they had to be in that. It isn't necessary to say, that cheerleaders are amazing and the things they do are always hard. That's why I was all about looking forward watching guys turned to be good cheerleaders. As I said, it was very funny in the beginning, but nevertheless all the guys (I mean the cheerleaders as well) became serious and practiced a lot and in the end they did a great job, because the final performance was cool.
+lot of pics, watch yourself, i'm too lazy to post each x3

ep #18 (Ohmiya) 2006.02.08
As far as I remember, that was the very first episode I've seen x3 (long ago I watched several episodes without order). And I liked that a lot. Further more I was really worried about the story... That time Ohmiya tried to help new-half to confess a boy he (I mean she) liked. And she was SO CUTE and pathetic 0_0 Ohmiya themselves were cute and funny and them trying to help him-her were cool <3 they applied to a master who maked wonderful chocolate and made white chocolate all together ('cuz Valentine day was coming). A lot of cute Ohmiya, jealous Ninomiya, a new-half Ohno and a hentai Ohno.... xD. Must seen)
Jealous Ninomiya :3
ep 18
+lot of pics, again

ep #19 (all, air guitar 3) 2006.02.15
Just another air-guitar special with an audition guys arranged to find out who among TV celebrities was able to perform air-guitar. And Riida made choices wherever the applicant could do it or not. The Arashi!air guitar audition participants were: Fujii Thunehisa (Nihon TV announcer), staff, Nishikawa Ayako (plastic surgeon (and I as well have no idea what she was doing in Nihon TV studios xD) her performance was full of sex (Nino pointed that) and Jun joined her when she screamed: Doumyoji! xD), comic combi Ogiyahagi, and Kongochi Takeshi (air guitarist #4 in the world, but he failed - Ohno decided that xD).
Just one more episode with Arashi having fun :)
Sekushii performance by Ayako-san and boys' reaction x'D
other caps
ep #20 (all, A no Arashi!) 2006.02.22
Yay for one more A no Arashi special! It was fun as A no Arashi always could be <3
That time guys tried following things:
1) What happens if you pickle various things in rice bran? (they just tried various things which had been pickled and shared their opinions on the taste)
2) What happens if you crush rice into powder and then cook it? (I think that was obvious xD also they tried the same with dried wakame seaweed and instant ramen)
3) Will a remote control work using the reflection on a bald head? (you will be amazed with the result 8D)
4) Do goldfish get dizzy as humans do? (that was a little bit cruel toward the fish I think xD)
5) Can the thick shell of an ostrich egg be broken by the firecrackers? (I was interested in that too 8D and this was the most funny experiment in this episode because of screaming Sho, falling over Aiba, Aiba who hit the egg on his forehead, Nino being 'S' and plain excitement 8D)
6) What if you take x-ray pictures of a man in a bag?
more here

Also guys went on collecting encouraging words for their supporting song (which we now know as Faith Song:) There we find out that the words "Hito wa hito, jubun wa jubun" were given from twin brothers who were new-half and the words "Demo soko de kusaranai mada yareru sono saki no saki" were given by Yamazaki Kenta, a former baseball player, though his original phrase was a little bit changed by Arashi.
This episode wasn't the first one where they mentioned that they were writing a supporting song, but I forgot to mention it before, so I don't know when they started (>_<) sorry!
ep 22

ep #21 (all, concentration game and cut scenes special!) 2006.03.01
Sho was a MC and players were Ohmiya Team and Junba Team. The game was fun since Sho's pictures were in the game x'D And we all know that Sho's drawings are fabulous :3 Try to guess who won, though it was obvious from the beginning x'D Since Ohmiya was a team, there was a lot of Ohmiya sweetness.
Also A no Arashi cut experiments:
1) can instant glue stop an alarm clock?
2) What would happen if you make a color copy of TV screen?
+a little bit more air guitar scenes xD
ep 21

ep #22 (all, air guitar 4) 2006.03.08
One more air guitar special with celebrities taking part in their audition xD the main thing in the air guitar episodes are guys wearing these fancy outfits :3 the staff said that Ohno, Nino, Jun were good at this and Sakuraiba was not xD
This episode participants were: Takashi George from The tra*bryu band, Yonesuke, Aota Noriko (one more sekushi performance), Yutaro.
In this episode we find out that guy had already started recording Fight Song after Nino had composed the music. Sweet minutes of studio recording <3
ep 22

ep #23 (Nino&Matsujun) 2006.03.15
This episode I watched a lot of time ago and it always has been one of my favs x'D Jun and Nino went to help a girl to... fart. She felt shy farting in her boyfriend's presence, so she wanted to break that wall between them and get married. Oh, Japanese with their relations <3
The boys applied to a "farting" specialist who taught them techniques to make your intestine free and what kind of vegetables one need to have good gas... xD So, nothing to say more, but I was surprised both Jun and Nino were kinda serious and worried about the girl.
this ep is cute and fun, watch it :3
ep 23

ep #24 (Sho&Aiba) 2006.03.22
In the beginning of the show Matsumoto and Nino told Arashi that the microphone which they used in the previous episode (and the mic on which the girl actually farted, because they put it in her back pocket) was used that day as the microphone on the lapel of one of the guys. Try to guess, who was the victum. Better watch >:3
This time Aiba and Sakurai went to help people with different problems: one was a neat freak (couldn't touch anything without sterilization), one girl hated carry, two girl couldn't stand dogs and one guy was a skinny weak coward. All that folks went to a master of hypnosis who used mirrors to hypnotize people and thus they helped them to overcome their fears. The neat freak even drunk juice using the straw which Aiba had used a moment before <- envy xD
that was kinda interesting episode! the screen from the end of the show, such dorks <3
ep 24

ep #25 (all, minor sports) 2006.03.29
The first episode without Nino, because he'd gone to Hollywood to take part in 'Iwojima kara no tegami' shooting.
This time guys arranged minor sports competition to chose the king of minor sports. The participants demonstrated their games and if Arashi liked them, they tried to play. The games were: Sport Shuriken, Sport Swordfighting, Go ball, Fling, Netball, Unicurl, Sport Casting, Figure Cycling.
Wanna watch boys having fun and playing some crazy stuff? Watch this episode :) You'll have some hit Ohno, Bancho Jun, loling Aiba and hentai Sho. Enjoy.
ep 25

ep #26 (all, air guitar 5) 2006.04.05
Yeah, one MORE air guitar!episode. When in the beginning of the episode Aiba said: 'I'm already sick of air band' I thought the same x'D In this episode Arashi went to look for some participants for their Air Guitar Competition, and there didn't happen anything outstanding) Aiba just was hit on the face by Jun after his phrase given in the beginning xD
ep 26

ep #27 (all, air guitar 6) 2006.04.12
So, Air Guitar Competition finally started. As judge they had Marty Fridman and I was like: AAARRRHHHHH D8< And I have personal reasons for this. Several years ago I had been studying electro guitar and for final exam played some Matry Fridman's melodies, because my guitar teacher loved his songs and said he was quiet famous all around the world. So, now you can understand why I was so surprised. Though I didn't know Matry speak Japanese so fluently xD
So, the episode was the first part of the competition, where Takeshi George performed and some other participants among celebrities and not celebrities)
ep 27

ep #28 (all, air guitar 7) 2006.04.19
So, the final part of the Arashi Air Guitar Competition! Here you'll see Arashi's performance and, finally, the first Fight Song performance <3 What a pity it was without Nino. It's so much weird to see them 4, because Arsahi are always 5.
I hope here the Air Guitar Era will be finished))
ep 28

ep #29 (Ohno&Sho) 2006.04.26
That was a very cute episode <3 Yamapair went to help to confess some another new-half. A lot of Ohno's talking, Sho making fun all around and asking strange questions (when during school trips you was with your male schoolmates in the same bath... didn't anything happen (with the male thing he meant)??? xD) and so on. A pleasure to watch such cute and funny episodes! :3
ep 29

ep #30 (all, Aiba Sugoroku!) 2006.05.03
Yay! I should say the episodes with AS are my special favorite <3 Where else on the Earth you can see Matsujun with stockings on his head? x'D This time were stockings, painful foot massage, hottest wasabi ever (and a crying Aiba because of it), laughing their asses out Ohno and Sho and a mad Matsujun xD I think you share this love for Aiba Sugoroku with me <3
+there were few cut scenes from previous A no Arashi
ep 30

ep #31 (Aiba&Sho) 2006.05.10
And finally, Nino is back complaining that Clint Eastwood is a man who constantly eats peanuts xD
Nothing special in this episode, Aiba and Sho went to help some other folks with complexes like "can't eat vegetables\fruits", "can't drink water", "afraid of everything" etc. They just went to the mirror hypnotist.
ep 31

ep #32 (all, reverse Ni no Arashi!) 2006.05.17
Doesn't the title bewilder you 8D ?? Finally, four from Arashi decided that was high time to get revenge on Nino who'd just come from Hollywood, and that was their 'welcome home' xD but who the best prankster in Arashi? Was he in their team that time? Nope! But that's it, I won't tell you who won 8D
Besides Ni no Arashi was the continuation of the previous episode, but of course in comparison with Ni no Arashi it seemed so useless xD
Plus there was a new oppening with crazy Riida! So much Arashi <3
ep 32

ep #33 (Nino&Sho) 2006.05.24
After a bit of fun in the studio guys went to help no-good hosts. Nothing outstanding, though we'll have Nino being host and a little bit drunk in the end xD
That was the beginning of the era of Kiiroi Namida and you can clearly see it especially because of Sho's look))
ep 33

ep #34 (all, A no Arashi!) 2006.05.31
Have I said that A no Arashi episodes are my most fav? definitely have, yep. Just next in importance to Aiba no sugoroku, ne :D
This time in the studio we have:
1) let's make different kind of flavored eggs! They just tasted the eggs which they had put in different things like souse, cola and vinegar. A lot of eggs were spitted out cuz they couldn't eat them xD A little bit of
suffering Nino and Jun who liked strange flavored eggs xD +a little bit Ohmiya <3
2) Can you swim wearing iron geta? then Aiba aired the title i thought: isn't it obvious that you can't?! xD
3) Can you play darts under water the same, you know.
4) The ninja art of escape with maru-maru they tried with chikuwa (tube-shaped fish paste), lotus root and recorder xD (old kind of flute).
5) How many of plastic wrap do you have to put together for a person to walk around? guys were having fun there :D
btw, to Jun-fans: he hates tokoroten! (noodles made of kanten, a seaweed-based gelatin)
watcha a jealous Ninomiya:
ep 34
more A no Arashi!

ep #35 (Sho&Riida) 2006.06.07
This time I can say with the 90% confidence that nearly in that time the shooting of Kiiroi Namida had started because this time Riida was with the dingy black hair.
In the beginning: a little talk about soccer (making fun of Sho) + Arashi otoko ranking from some old man who applied to them for help. Aiba is on the 5th place because "he doesn't look like an idol" xD
I liked this episode very much and I think that every fan of Sho must watch this episode.
That time Sho and Riida went to support one more minor sport which I liked a lot. It looked dangerous and difficult and very interesting to do for me. I don't think I can describe it in English well enough but in a nutshell one must jump cross the stream of water using a long metal stick, even kinda vaulting pole. this sport required athletics abilities which Sho doesn't have. So it wasn't too difficult for Riida since he seems to be boneless and he can do anything referring to gymnastics to my mind, but it was difficult enough for Sho to get used to this sport and make successes. And he did hos the very best, honestly. I was impressed, all the episode long I was like: "Yes yes yes you can do it do it!". And he readlly did, because it's our Sho-kun, an ideal man (/_ _)/
ep 35

ep #36 (MatsuJun&Nino) 2006.06.14
Say again to farting pros! xD this time again two DoS went to help girls to fart in front of their b-friends.
Note to Jun's fans: he likes shamisen a lot! (it's a japanese music instrument and i find it sound very beautiful, very japanese <3) I think only japanese idols can devote the whole day of shooting to awaiting of some farting x'D So, nothing else interesting.
ep 36

ep #37 (all, Aiba Sugoroku!) 2006.06.21
No matter how you look at this my only reaction is: YAY AIBA SUGOROKU 8DDD
+there was some famous scenes from the previous bangumis, for example: Aiba tried how was that to be attacked by a kite form D no Arashi, or Ohno who pretended to be some mobile phone company's representative and the customer gone mad and Ohno had to apologize on his knees (>_<), also: origami boat and moles!
During the sugoroku we can see: Sho, Aiba and Ohno wearing stockings on their heads, Ohno and Jun got their faces ink painted, Nino wearing t-shirt with holes for nipples (and Ohno trying to touch them xD), Aiba with 'Baka' t-shirt, Sho with 'no athletics abilities' t-shirt, Aiba and Sho being massaged there by a new half, Ohno with a hickey made by Babako-san (not quiet sure I can clearly say who was that), Aiba trying to eat through the stockings and Jun wearing very tight shorts and etc x3
Aiba no sugoroku always blows out your brains, really <3
But, nevertheless, we do love them right <3 maybe, that's one of the main reasons why we love them, right <3
ep 37
more dorks!

ep #38 (Ni no Arashi! sp) 2006.06.28
AARRH. That was such a joy for a ninofangirl to watch it (*u*) To be honest, I miss Ni no Arashi a bit :'< that'd be just wonderful for Nino to do this during some Shiagare for example :< don't you think so?
so, that was the episode where all the Ni no arashi is gathered together. If you don't know, his pranks were: arrested staff in the middle of shooting, an artificial shrimp in the bento, a bear in the bus, spread gas from the ceiling in the middle of shooting, Nino coughing blood after fight with Ohno, the 5th encore aka room full of old lady-fan who wanted one more encore, Nino made the whole concert hall claim his name during Isa Now tour, prank for Riida who was send to a special room which was ruined with all evidence of committing suicide, and reverse Ni no Arashi which other members tried to arrange but failed.
And I'm quite sure, that wasn't all of his pranks :3
ep 38
more Ninobitch :3

ep #39 (Aiba&Sho&Riida) 2006.07.05
I can't say it's an interesting episode. Three of them (why 3 by the way? xD) went to help a new half president of some company to organize a company vocation trip. In that company was a lot of new halves among normal workers and as usual guys went too interesting in new half details: they asked who had ball who hadn't and so one xD So, all of them went to the trip together, ride coasters (poor Sho-chan who can't stand height!) and went to a scary house where Aiba screamed like a girl xD Then, they arranged a BBQ party and there was a moment when guys sang Fight Song almost without music (it was very quite), ah, i liked this moment a lot since I like them singing like this <3
ep 39

ep #40 (Nino&MatsuJun) 2006.07.12
From the first glance you'll can see the difference: shooting of Kiiroi Namida had finished by that time, cuz no one looked like their characters any more. This time Nino and Jun went to support several people who can't swim. They were assistants to a swimming coach who gave directions to the unable to swim people. A lot of Nino being a bitch, half naked Jun and Nino competitions with each other :3 Guess, who won? Just watch, it's a good episode:)
ep 40

ep #41 (all, senryu) 2006.07.19
I think I cried a little during this episode, cuz it was so much fun x'D The famous Ohmiya scene also was there) This time guys supported senryu (kind of haiku) which must be funny. Arashi walked along some shop street with Sato Kouseke, a senryu writer, and they tried to write senryu about everything they saw around. If Sato-sensei didn't like the senryu written by an Arashi member, he draw something on member's face with ink, if he liked he pinned to the cloths an artificial flower.
During the shooting members wrote a lot of senryu and they got flowers and ink paint, by the end of the shooting they looked funny. One who had the biggest score (amount of flowers) won. I won't tell you he became the most skillful senryu among Arashi writers that time, because don't want you to lose the enjoyment of watching :3
In the second part of this episode in the studio they arranged competition between Arashi and no-good host, who had appeared in the show in some previous episode. I will not tell you who was the winner, but the fight was very serious >:3
The senryu I like the most. It was so ninomiyaish xD
ep 41
more senryu!

ep #42 (Nino&Ohno) 2006.07.26
This time Nino offered to support famous now otaku dance otagei! :'D Watching these guys 'dancing' made me giggle and I wasn't surprised when they actually went to support them since I had already seen this dance during some Shukudai-kun (this means they did a great work, ne?))
Ohmiya went to some otaku event where these guys showed them how to dance and Riida joined them dancing while Ninomiya was dying because of giggling away from the dancing group x'D
After the even Ohmiya went with the group to some club where the otakus danced to introduce their dance to the audience. The reaction wsa.... lol x'D
When, some cool guys who seemed to be regular clubbers there forced the otakus to compete with them cuz they didn't like them dancing in their club. Of course, in comparison with otagei hip-hop dance looks cooler and according to the audience hip-hop dancers obviously won. But unexpectedly they praised otakus and everything finished without any troubles. All of them danced otagei xD
ep 42

ep #43 (all, minor sports nunchaki) 2006.07.26
For myself I called this episode "When Chesuto was born..." x'DI think that was the main reason why Sho got this nickname (and it suits him a lot to my mind xD don't you think so??)
So, Arashi went to support a minor sport nunchaki (which is not so terribly minor to my mind), they watched a bit training, tried to fight with
some masters (Aiba against a teenage girl and Sho against a little boy x'D), practiced base tehniques, trained a little and in the end they compete among each other to find out who'd the strongest in nunchaki in Arashi. I will not tell you the winner again, but all I can say that was TOTTALY worth watching 8D what a fight!
ep 43

ep #44 (Sho&MatsuJun&Ohno) 2006.08.09
The episode started with the word 'Chesuto' after the opening x'D But all the episode long there was
"Will coward Sakurai Sho become a man?!" as the title in red characters in the upper right corner.
This time guys went to support minor sport canyoing, it's a kind of canoing but without a boat as far as I understand. That looked very dangerous and totally insane, no wonder that Sho was afraid of it. Besides, he sounded really ill, one could easily understand that he had a sore throat by his voice, but nevertheless they made him slide down these cold waterfalls x_x Riida and Jun seemed to have fun and adrenaline in their blood was high (though Riida didn't show it saying as usual almost nothing at all xD)
All the episode long I was afraid of the boys, cuz they could easily be hurt indeed, but everything finished good, and even Chesuto became a man :'D
(but to my mind our Chesuto is always a Man!)
ep 44

ep #45 (all, A no Arashi) 2006.08.16
Always YAY for A no Arashi! This time Nino was Aiba's assistant and they coordinated all the experiments together :3 (Ninoai in the air! <33)
So, the experiments were:
1) Let's make garbage chips! Honeestly, this experiment amazed me, because the result was unexpected! I thought all their efforts to fry watermelon rinds and corn cobs in oil for potato chips would fail but according to Arashi all that garbage chips were tasty! (except these ones made from egg shell xD)
2) If you hadve a 110 m race with hurdles lined up normally in one line
and packed close together right before the finish line in another lane, which is faster?

3) Can you increase the distance of a long jump using the momentum of a bowling ball? xDD Aiba and his striking wide imagination <3
4) Vacuum experiment That one was also interesting, because no one can see what do the things do when they are in no vacuum
normally *o* Boiling cake is something incredible! *o*
5) Can we knit a scarf from shirataki? (shirataki is noodle made from konnyaku) Aiba very was proud of being the first man in the world who wore a scarf and a hat made of shirataki x'D
ep 45

ep #46 (all, concentration game) 2006.08.23
Amazing Sho's art again! This time you'll see how Sho sees the King of Pop music, the Statue of Liberty (which looked like Naruto actually xD), Totoro and some other people and things.
Arashi was having lots of fun as they usually did during this game (and making fun of Sho's drawings, as usual xD)
+there were some unreleased part from the 'no-good host' episode. Sakurai Aiba and no-good hosts went to undergo special discipline, standing under a waterfall.
ep 46
some more

ep #47 (Sho&Ohno&Nino) 2006.08.30
This time this trio went to support... Sho. And other people who can't draw. (As Sho said it seemed that G no Arashi had turned into "Support Sho Sakurai show" xD)
They applied a profeccional artist who gave them directions and Ohno was the leader of the group because he was the most skilful among them (and the most silent as usual). All of them went to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo (you can probably remember it from HYD :3) and there they tried to draw panda, other animals to one’s taste, scene near the zoo and back in the studio Nino holding a baseball lumber. And, finally, Sho made a great success in drawing, because these drawings really resembled something recognizable xD
ep 47
some more

ep #48 (all, senryu!) 2006.09.06
This time again, they walked a shop street competing for the flowers, and after that hold the competition among Arashi members. Wanna know the winner? Oh, I won’t tell you. Just watch the episode, it’s more interesting to watch rather than read.
A lot of fun and cute Sho is waiting for you :D
Yes, Sho, please!
ep 48
more Arashi senryu!

ep #49 (all, sugoroku!) 2006.09.13
Can’t decide what episodes I love more: A no Arashi or Aiba no Sugoroku?! xD
This time they were as hopeless as usual xD More stockings, more nipples, more nice food, more face painting and so on so on. These episodes exist only to make us happy, so go and watch! :’D
ep 49
more Arashi dorkness!

ep #50 (all, meaningless special part 1!) 2006.09.20
So, as they were winding for the end, it was a pajama special where they remembered the main events they had during 4 years of C x D x G no Arashi, the main events, A no Arashi which had been and some unreleased A no Arashi with Nino and so on. There’s no point to describe it just for you to know: if you watch G no Arashi like me, from the beginning, you’d feel sad because of thought that it’s almost an end :’<
ep 50

ep #51 (all, meaningless special part 2!) 2006.09.27
The same with the previous episode, just another part. I felt so sad watching it :’< but I still have 167 episodes of D&C no Arashi which I haven’t watched yet xD
Next programs they released were Odoroki no Arashi and Shukudai-kun, so it was just one more epoch of bringing storm to the world!! :'D
ep 51

Thank you all who read that and I hope this little guide will help you in any possible way. I tried to be helpful to you and to give a slight description of this wonderful show.
Thanks again to taijiprojectsub for subbing that!
Sorry if I mixed up something or forgot to mention anything, it’s so difficult to catch up with all this dorkness, fun and laughing. The thing I can definitely tell you, that it was a great show full of arashi-ness, you know) Watching this show can help you to know some facts about boys and you can see how they worked during this show. Of course there were really meaningless episodes with Sugoroku for example, but since it’s an entertainment show, we were happy to watch them, weren’t we? :D
Well, wind for the end. I hope you enjoyed watching as I did and also enjoyed riding as I did while I was writing :'D

Spread storm love throughout the world! :D
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